The Bright Fire News Podcast is a journalistic show/podcast that I created, developed, and host. Below is the description/summary of it.

Truth, evidence, facts, proof, news. That’s what The Bright Fire News Podcast aims to provide. In a world where discerning the truth from lies and discerning evidence, facts, and proof from spin and opinion is increasingly difficult, there’s a desire for something better. There’s an intense, deep need for something bright and truthful.

With a focus on government and health/medical stories, The Bright Fire News Podcast specializes in investigative and in-depth reporting and journalism while also offering general news coverage. Journalist JonChristopher Collins hosts the show, interviews sources, and lets evidence and facts speak for themselves. No partisanship will be found or welcomed here; only a commitment to the truth, evidence, facts, and journalism will be found and welcomed.