Hello everyone! I am JonChristopher Collins, journalist and media host. I am 24 years old and love communication. From a young age, I have been passionate about seeking truth and connecting with audiences.

I love studying history, government, politics, and philosophy, and I took that passion to earn a bachelors degree in Multimedia Journalism and Government. Throughout that time, I honed my skills by gaining experience interviewing people of various backgrounds for print and broadcast.

My journalistic joy is in-depth reporting but I can do general news stories and feature stories just as well. My primary focus is on stories covering government, politics, national security, health, the disabled community, and disability rights.

When opportunities present themselves, I can also cover entertainment. I enjoy comic books/graphic novels and the movies based on them. Star Wars is also a source of enjoyment for me.

It is my sincere hope that you’ll find something that interests you as you gaze upon my work. Journalism is used to persuade, inform, and entertain. In my mind, informing should come before persuading and entertaining. If the information persuades and entertains, so be it.

I so hope you enjoy, learn, and be entertained by what I present to you here. Should you have questions, please ask.

My motto: Seek the truth. Seek the facts. Seek the evidence. Then follow it wherever it leads. Get your facts straight. Get your story straight.

Journalistically and creatively,

-JonChristopher Collins