JonChristopher Collins: as seen in the Huffington Post/HuffPost

Hello everyone! I am JonChristopher Collins. I’m a writer: journalist/reporter and aspiring author/novelist. I am 24 years old and love communication. From a young age, I have been passionate about connecting with audiences.

I love studying history, government, politics, and philosophy. My journalistic joy is in-depth reporting, but I can do general news stories and feature stories just as well. My primary focus is on stories covering government, politics, and health.

My Other Writing Passions

I enjoy fiction and poetry. I won’t give away the big stories I’m working on, but I definitely post fiction stories and poetry made for my website. You’ll have to wait to see my bigger works. Fiction is powerful! We relate to characters and stories; we learn lessons have profound impact on our lives from fictional stories and the characters who inhabit them. It’s my goal to write enjoyable and moving fiction.

It is my sincere hope that you’ll find something that interests you as you gaze upon my work. Should you have questions, please ask.