Report Says CIA Discussed Capturing or Killing Julian Assange, Pompeo Responded

JonChristopher Collins – OCTOBER 3, 2021 The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) discussed and planned to capture or kill WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a Sept. 26 Yahoo News report; former CIA Director Mike Pompeo responded to the story. The report states that this was the case in 2017; at the time, Assange was entering his fifth yearContinue reading “Report Says CIA Discussed Capturing or Killing Julian Assange, Pompeo Responded”

COVID-19 and the Disability Community: The Technology

With all the talk of COVID-19, what about the disability community and the necessary tech? JonChristopher Collins – FEBRUARY 20, 2021 COVID-19 has affected nearly every person, group, community and industry in some manner; the disability community, the people, industries and organizations that interact with them are not exempt from those effects. This is theContinue reading “COVID-19 and the Disability Community: The Technology”