Report Says CIA Discussed Capturing or Killing Julian Assange, Pompeo Responded

JonChristopher Collins – OCTOBER 3, 2021 The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) discussed and planned to capture or kill WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a Sept. 26 Yahoo News report; former CIA Director Mike Pompeo responded to the story. The report states that this was the case in 2017; at the time, Assange was entering his fifth yearContinue reading “Report Says CIA Discussed Capturing or Killing Julian Assange, Pompeo Responded”

COVID-19 and the Disability Community: Disabled, out of Pocket and Wounded in the Pandemic

While safety measures and shutdowns are active during the pandemic, some people with disabilities are negatively impacted by them. JonChristopher Collins – May 28, 2021 Precautions like masking, shutdowns and virtual care are present to provide safety and more convenient care, but for some with disabilities, more difficulty can arise because of these safety measures.Continue reading “COVID-19 and the Disability Community: Disabled, out of Pocket and Wounded in the Pandemic”

COVID-19 and the Disability Community: The Technology

With all the talk of COVID-19, what about the disability community and the necessary tech? JonChristopher Collins – FEBRUARY 20, 2021 COVID-19 has affected nearly every person, group, community and industry in some manner; the disability community, the people, industries and organizations that interact with them are not exempt from those effects. This is theContinue reading “COVID-19 and the Disability Community: The Technology”


Sacrifice, dreams, wishes and why I am glad this wish is not granted. JonChristopher Collins – JANUARY 25, 2021 Wonder Woman 1984 entered theaters as 2020 exited. This sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman is more than a glitzy superhero flick; the Amazonian princess, armed with the Lasso of Truth, speaks to hearts. As mentioned inContinue reading “LESSONS FROM FICTION: WONDER WOMAN 1984”


Wondering about Wonder Woman 1984? JonChristopher Collins – JANUARY 8, 2021 Wonder Woman 1984, the superheroine sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, landed in theaters with Amazonian fashion this past Christmas. Like a Christmas gift, the Amazonian princess’ latest cinematic adventure waits to be unwrapped. There will be those who find the wrapping paper shinier thanContinue reading “WONDER WOMAN 1984 REVIEW: GREATNESS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK”


Why do so many people lack the will to do what is necessary? JonChristopher Collins – DECEMBER 28, 2020 For years, superheroes have captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. To some, they are mere entertainment vehicles, but to others, they stand for much more. For many serious fans, superheroes are anContinue reading “LESSONS FROM FICTION: THE WILL TO ACT”