Branson Fire Chief Said the Origin of Local House Fire Traced to Kitchen and Above Ceiling

Friday, April 29th, 2022 11:36am By JonChristopher Collins Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin told Ozarks DynaCom’s news department Friday that the origin of a local house fire has been traced to the kitchen area and above the ceiling. Martin also said he thinks that the family should be able to salvage a lot of whatContinue reading “Branson Fire Chief Said the Origin of Local House Fire Traced to Kitchen and Above Ceiling”

The Biggest Story I’ve Written So Far

If you haven’t heard about it or read the article yet, I did a story for the Huffington Post (HuffPost) that was published in March. As a journalist/reporter and as a writer in general, telling this story is one of the highlights of my career so far. Everything from the interviewing process to the writingContinue reading “The Biggest Story I’ve Written So Far”

Investigation of Incident Involving Missouri News Organization’s Journalist Finished

JonChristopher Collins The investigation of a Missouri News organization is done; the investigation, conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol started following revelations of a journalist revealing a flaw in a state database. According to an OzarksFirst report, on Monday Patrol Capt. John Hotz informed the St. Louis Post-Dispatch “that results of the investigation wereContinue reading “Investigation of Incident Involving Missouri News Organization’s Journalist Finished”


Sacrifice, dreams, wishes and why I am glad this wish is not granted. JonChristopher Collins – JANUARY 25, 2021 Wonder Woman 1984 entered theaters as 2020 exited. This sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman is more than a glitzy superhero flick; the Amazonian princess, armed with the Lasso of Truth, speaks to hearts. As mentioned inContinue reading “LESSONS FROM FICTION: WONDER WOMAN 1984”


Wondering about Wonder Woman 1984? JonChristopher Collins – JANUARY 8, 2021 Wonder Woman 1984, the superheroine sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, landed in theaters with Amazonian fashion this past Christmas. Like a Christmas gift, the Amazonian princess’ latest cinematic adventure waits to be unwrapped. There will be those who find the wrapping paper shinier thanContinue reading “WONDER WOMAN 1984 REVIEW: GREATNESS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK”